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Guest Post: HB

August 2, 2011

Happy Tuesday! Allow me to introduce to you my dear friend (and MOH) Hannah Beasley, better known in my world as HB (and I’m MA). While she doesn’t currently have a blog of her own, she a contributing writer to Fetter Group blog, where she’s also employed. (Oh, and her husband is a mighty fine writer too. right here.)

When Michelle asked me to guest post on Delighted, I started thinking of what I would write about. What do I love? What am I always talking about? What am I striving to share with others?

Allow me to introduce you to one of the loves of my life: the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Like Michelle, I grew up in South Carolina, and although I haven’t quite adjusted to the cold winters and the lack of sand, there is so much to love about the ” Possibility City” that I’m currently calling home.

Louisville is a city full of old buildings, expansive green spaces, trendy coffee shops, and locally-owned restaurants. Not only is the City host to the Kentucky Derby (since 1875), but it’s also a place where the arts are thriving and the college basketball scene is out of control.

There’s so much to love about this unique and beautiful place I call home, but one of my favorite things about Louisville is the emphasis on “thinking local,”  or on “keeping Louisville weird” as we like to say around here. In Louisville, chain restaurants are the exception, not the norm. Buying my coffee from Starbucks is a letdown, because there are five other great local hotspots where I would rather get my half-caff soy mocha (no whip, no foam). In essence, it’s an artists dream and a place where foodies, sports fans, and tree-huggers can all unite for the greater good by thinking globally & acting locally.


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