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Guest Post: Anna of Freckled Fashionista

December 5, 2011
Hi everyone, Anna here from Freckled Fashionista! While Miss Michelle is off enjoying her honeymoon I get to share with you something that I absolutely love: holiday fashion.
The holidays are filled with fun cozy hang outs, family dinners, cocktail parties, and holiday open houses. To stress less on what to wear during the holidays I put together my top 10 things from head to toe that are perfect for the month of December.
1. Loose curls – When going to a holiday function you want to do something special to your hair other than your usual ‘do. Instead of attempting a time consuming up-do or fighting with your rollers just take your curling iron (I use a Remington curling wand) and wrap the last two or three inches of your hair around for nice loose curls.
2. Red lips – Putting on red lipstick can spice up any outfit! It’s quick, easy and very christmasy.
3. Cozy sweaters – Who doesn’t love a cozy sweater? They go with jeans, leggings, boots, whatever! I live in my sweaters in the winter. Try something with a stripe or with a great texture.
4. Layered knits – For an extra warm look, layer your knits! Big infinity starves, chunky sweaters and jackets, leggings and boots.. perfect for those cold nights.
5. Leather jackets – If you don’t own a leather jacket, now is the time to get one (or add it to your christmas list). I bought this jacket from Target and I wear it all the time. It makes any outfit look sleek and edgy. Plus, they are super warm!
6. Faux fur -I am loving this trend. To tell you the truth I bought a faux fur vest in New York two years ago before they were cool and I am SO happy to be able to break it out. I know fur can sometimes be intimidating but I highly recommend it!
7. Layered textures – Another fun trend to try this season is layering different types of textures. Knits, sequins, cargo, anything goes! I would definitely recommend working sequins into any outfit you can this holiday season.
8. Neck bling – Add a little something to your outfits this season with a fun necklace. I personally love this one below. They can be cheap too! I have found tons of amazing necklaces at forever 21 and target.
9. Arm party/gold watches – As one of my favorite bloggers, Man Repeller, says “Don’t be tardy to the arm party!” This season stack lots of bracelets on with a gold watch.

10. Polished nails – This is the final important step of your wardrobe. Don’t ruin a wonderful outfit with naked nails, nails that have cracked polish, and worse of all: a nail color that does NOT go with your outfit. My two “go to” colors for Christmas are red (obviously) and black. Also try and add sparkles for some extra flair.
I hope this helps and inspires you! Enjoy the holiday season and have fun with your outfits. Come stop by my blog, Freckled Fashionista, for more fashion and holiday inspiration.
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  1. December 5, 2011 6:34 PM

    Loved this post! So many great ideas and good advice! Thanks!

  2. paislea permalink
    December 5, 2011 6:52 PM

    this post is just the best!!!!! i love the layered textures girl! she’s so cute! i love her outfit!!

    allister bee blog


  1. thanks a million! « Delighted

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