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DIY: Colorblock Necklace

October 19, 2012

Ok, so I haven’t posted a DIY in a good long while (and here’s why)… all my latest crafts have been sub-par (to say the least). I’m not being humble, most of them I’ve thrown away. I tried to dip pinecones as seen here, and they shriveled up. not cool. I tried to paint a giant canvas with a letter “H” to go in our living room. The “H” was slanted. So right about when I thought I should take a crafting sabbatical, I stumbled across these funny little wooden beads. 

They were just asking me to make something with them. So, I gave in and decided to paint them.

To make a color block necklace you’ll need…

Wooden Beads

Two Colors of Paint (I used red and gold.)

An old necklace chain

A paintbush (and other painting supplies like a paper towel and paper plate to mix paint)

Simply paint half your beads one color and the other half of your beads the second color and set them out to dry. If you’re using acrylic paint (like I did) it should take about 10-15 minuted to dry before you can string them.

And here’s my blurry iphone picture so you can se what I wore them with. -Michelle

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  1. Veronica permalink
    October 19, 2012 10:23 PM

    Talk about bang for your buck! Such a cute, simple, and chic craft. I love it!!! Better be careful the next time I’m in Hobby Lobby around the woodcraft isle; I’ll hear wood beads calling my name … 😉


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