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5 things to look for when choosing a wedding photographer

October 23, 2012
Meet Shea, of Shea Christine Photography! I had the privilege of meeting her a few months ago when she shot my portraits for my blog. She is an amazing photographer with a stunning eye for detail. Being that many of my readers are engaged or will be shortly, I asked her to share with you what to look for when choosing a wedding photographer. Enjoy! – Michelle
There are two things a bride & groom can take from their wedding- their new last names & their photography! Choosing a photographer is so exciting & important. There are a couple of things I would recommend for a bride & groom to keep in mind when choosing their photographer.
1. Personality- Meet your photographer or chat with them on the phone. You want someone who takes fabulous images, but you also need someone who you enjoy being around! You need a person who makes you feel completely comfortable & beautiful! The way a photographer carries himself/herself makes a BIG impact on your wedding day. You will want someone who is calm, cheery & confident.  Form a friendship of trust with the person capturing the intimate details of your most beautiful day.
2.  Style- Do you LOVE what you see? There are many different styles today in wedding photography. There are fine art, vintage and flashy styles.  Look through tons of websites & blogs. Know what you love & what makes a timeless photograph for you.
3. Approach- Receiving direction is important on your wedding day, but only in moderation. A photographer needs to help guide a couple on making natural, beautiful moments happen during the portrait sessions. However;  considering the majority of the day, you will need someone who has a hands off- approach. There is no need for directing absolutely every detail of your wedding day. It interferes with natural intimacy. Having a photographer who is journalistic in style is important because they will allow the day to unfold naturally and be there to capture it.
4. Technical Stuff- Be Clear on what you are receiving from your photographer. Ask about printing, albums & what your package entails. Not every photographer has the same collections or details.
5. Be EXCITED –  Find yourself getting completely excited at who you are choosing! Have completee confidence in who you are picking. Love your photographer with your whole heart & anticipate gorgeous, creative wedding images!

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