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April 24, 2013

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Yesterday rocked. I met my daily goals and made things happen (I even wrote part of this post yesterday). With the school year coming to a close I feel like I barely have time to breath; so today was one of those days when I realized, “it can be done”. Since I’m on such a high I thought I’d tell you a bit about how I’m making things happen and how YOU can do it!

1. Setting Goals. I’ve been giving myself time frames to get stuff done, especially ongoing projects. For example I’ll say “for an hour I’m going to work on… uninterrupted”. For me it’s like running a race, when I’m tempted to be distracted I’ll look at the clock and when my hour is up I can go on to that thing I’m tempted to be distracted by. Also, I’m learning new ways to set goals using #2….. PowerSheets.

2. PowerSheets. The past few weeks I’ve been working through Lara Casey‘s PowerSheets (not as quickly as I would like), but I’m doing it. If you haven’t heard of the PowerSheets or Lara Casey for that matter yet, go check them out. Working through the PowerSheets is helping me set goals and cast a vision to make my dreams a reality. I’m the kind of person that dreams big and then doesn’t know where to start; I think God’s using Lara to help people like me get a grip and move forward. Thanks Lara!

3. Prayer. I’m not talking about hours of prayer or meditation. Just simple sentence prayers asking for the ability to focus on the task at hand or for the ability to focus on Jesus not the hectic life around me.

How do you make things happen? I’d love to know!

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