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5 things I liked this week

February 15, 2013

Honestly this week was rough, full of things I didn’t like- and thats why I’m sharing what I did like this week. It’s just a little therapy to remind myself that there is much more in life that I do like compared to what I don’t.)


this list is totally random.

1. Valentine’s Day was simply wonderful. It wasn’t the holiday itself and we didn’t do anything fancy, CH and I just had a fantastic time being together. Halfway through our dinner at Coolinary Cafe we realized that it was our 5th Valentines together, which made it all the more reason to celebrate.



2. Hunter Boots. They’re on my wish-list for so many reasons.

Hunter Boots

3. Travel blogs


image via Mr. & Mrs. Globetrot

other frequent reads include Scout.  and Explore. Dream. Discover.

4. VINE app. I’m a big fan. Sadly I don’t even know how to tell you to follow me, but I do have a profile lol.

vine-designlovefestimage via designlovefest

5. Handwritten notes. I experimented with watercolor calligraphy for Valentine’s Day, I’m also experimenting with having some confidence in my own handwriting.




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