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still lookin good

February 21, 2013

This year I dropped a big hint. A couple of days before Valentine’s Day I looked at CH and said “I think you think I don’t like flowers, but I do. If you got me flowers for Valentine’s Day that would be really special.” It’s true, I said that. (I’m not embarrassed.) And he didn’t mind – he actually thanked me for telling him.

The flowers he brought me on Valentine’s Day were beautiful.  They sat just as they had been arranged until I read Jo‘s post on how to arrange supermarket flowers. I quickly decided to follow Jo’s step by step and rearrange the flowers myself.

how to arrange supermarket flowersimage via jo

It worked! I know it’s not a surprise to you, but it is to me. I have almost zero flower arranging skills. (I say almost because I have enough to follow the steps above.) The vase I used was a bit different so they don’t look exactly like the photos above, but regardless I’m pleased and will definitely do it again.

how to arrange supermarket flowers-Michelle

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